Raena founded in 2022 by three best friends - Suraya, Amalina and Hana with strong passions for fashion and businesses. A dream of creating a platform that could empower women with styles to make them look and feel beautiful with confident whilst remaining modest. 

The goal is to turn everyday's clothing into something that would be enjoyed as a comfortable daily essential in a modern wardrobe. We strive to make every woman felt seen, heard and empowered. No matter what her style or culture may be, raena believes fashion should be seen as a form of self-expression taking into account of comfort.

We strive for designs that reflect modern, practical and at the same time reflects the highest standards of quality and comfort. We also hope to encourage conversation and solidarity among fashion fans, so our customers can enjoy the unique experiences they will feel when wearing stylish yet modest clothing. 

When modest meets comfort, that is the true essence of fashion.